European Patent For Puustelli Miinus Furniture

Puustelli Group Oy has been granted a European patent for Miinus furniture system inventions. The furniture parts and particularly the structures of the cabinet carcass include many patented details. The Miinus invention is the most important innovation in the global furniture industry for decades. Recyclable biocomposite has replaced the MDF and chipboard traditionally widely used as carcass materials in furniture. The raw material is made in Finland and consists of a polypropylene and pulp fibre compound. The side components of the patented structure are made by injection moulding. Whereas the invention allows for various types and sizes of frame parts to be made, each part requires a separate mould. The colours of the moulded parts can be flexibly varied. Thanks to the injection moulding method and choice of material, the components have excellent precision and strength, as well as excellent moisture resistance. Besides which, material waste is minimal.

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