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Simply the best

Miinus is pure
Eco Logic

Simply the best

The Miinus kitchen concept has been built differently from start to finish. The goal was to create an ecological, sustainable kitchen as possible and one which is pure and safe for day-to-day living.

To tackle this required extensive research into materials, plenty of long-term development work and many able hands to develop manufacturing processes and conduct testing.

Our carbon footprint calculations not only included materials and manufacturing processes, but also transport emissions. The re-use and recycling of the pure materials at the end of the Miinus kitchen’s assumed lifecycle are a great advantage. Clean indoor air is important for each and every one of us. The results of indoor air measurements of Miinus kitchens are at least 50% cleaner than specified by M1 limit values.

We can say with great confidence that we have achieved something concrete for the good of the environment. The Miinus kitchen has been tested and found to be a pure, ecological concept.

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Miinus - the kitchen range with a difference

  • We determined the carbon footprint and indoor air emissions for every component.
  • We chose the most ecological, healthiest most sustainable materials.
  • We eradicated all MDF and chipboard components.
  • We replaced laminated and melamine surfaces.
  • We adapted our production methods.
  • We chose fully recyclable and re-useable materials.
  • We also vastly reduced emissions.
  • We cut indoor air emissions.

How I became Puustelli Miinus.



biocomposite frame

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Miinus is a truly ecological kitchen

Miinus is a truly ecological kitchen

If a material never met an eco criteria it was never considered for Miinus and a telling example of our commitment is that the materials we did identify as those with great eco credentials are now used to heat our factory - the waste materials that is.

The Puustelli Miinus kitchen is made in the same factory as Puustelli kitchen, which has been the most popular brand of kitchen* in Finland for more than 30 years. We had already established ecological production methods and as our research progressed, we made maximum use of the latest data. Both Puustelli brands carry a wide range of certification and are proponents of clean manufacturing methods.

* Innolink Research Oy

I’ve impeccable credentials

  • I’m completely free of MDF and chipboard.
  • I’m completely free of melamine or laminate surfaces.
  • I’m completely free of endangered wood species.
  • I’m completely free of formaldehyde-based glues.
  • I’m completely free of anything stronger than water in my wooden door or veneer thinners.

I’m Puustelli Miinus.


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My biocomposite frame is evolutionary

I’m also special in another way –my biocomposite

  • It’s the most evolutionary invention in the entire furniture industry for decades.
  • A biocomposite frame that’s both ecological and fully recyclable.
  • It withstands moisture, and temperatures between -25C and +90C.
  • A biocomposite frame is completely safe and contains no formaldehyde
  • A biocomposite frame developed after many years of development.
  • A PCT patent has been sought for the biocomposite frame.

I’m Puustelli Miinus.



biokehys pellava


biokehys vilja


biokehys laava


Innovatiivinen runkokehikko sisältää 0% formaldehydiä,

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Modifiable Miinus frame

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 Modifiable Miinus frame

Since biocomposite is not subject to fatigue, the same carcase can later be modified for reuse without having to be replaced. The biocomposite frame comes with pre-drilled and universal attachment points for each Miinus mechanism. So, base cabinets can swap places with drawers or vice versa.

A wall cabinet can be instantly transformed into a dish drying cabinet, display cabinet or open shelf. All the components, panels and doors in a Miinus carcase can be easily removed and replaced.


I’m clearly different from the rest

  • I’m more open in every aspect.
  • I’ve a more individual look.
  • I’m more cost effective throughout my lifecycle.
  • I have greater longevity.
  • I’ve a cleaner manufacturing process.

I’m Puustelli Miinus.


I stand out from the crowd in other ways, too

  • I’m the best example of a more ecological kitchen.
  • I’m the model of a more responsible future.
  • I’m a proponent of cleaner indoor air.
  • I’m invigorating when in use and at rest.
  • I’m lighter in weight and emissions.
  • I’m at my best from dawn till dusk.

I’m Puustelli Miinus.